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12-1/2x2.5 tires

So, I placed an order for the e-bike/Sunl tire and tube. I paid $21 for 2-3 DELIVERY. The items were supposed to be in today ( 11/12/2016) and they NEVER came in. I sent an email to the company and was told that Monday (11/14/2016) would be the delivery date. This is complete BS!! The $21 2-3 day delivery is a LIE!! I will NEVER pay that amount again!!


We understand how frustrating it is when a package is not delivered on the day that it is expected to be. FedEx and UPS calculate their shipping days using business days which are Monday through Friday. Since your order was placed on and shipped out on a Wednesday the shipping companies consider that delivery day 1 is Thursday, delivery day 2 is Friday, and delivery day 3 is Monday. They do not count Saturday or Sunday towards the delivery days.

We apologize that the shipping companies do not make this work day delivery policy clear in the names of their shipping services and understand how it can be perceived as untrue advertising when the name of a shipping service is 2-3 Day and the package is delivered on the fifth day. Please understand that we are not affiliated with any of the shipping companies and that we have no control over the naming of their shipping services or their delivery time policies.

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