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crazy cart intermitent power to motor

Giday from Australia.Grandsons crazy cart stopped running pass on to Pa.Initially thought electric controller,new controller and throttle pedal fitted,made no difference.When turned on and throttle pushed motor tries to go,when 12V from battery fuse point supplied to blue motor feed wire motor runs fine,at a constant speed.Can here contacts working in controller when throttle pushed.Battery reads 27 volts and drops to 20 volts when throttle pushed.If try to run with battery charger connected and turned on controller does not click.I am thinking possibly battery but not sure any help appreciated.

At first read I thought this was a broken motor wire however then after reading further that the battery pack Voltage drops down to 20 Volts when the throttle is pushed that proves that the battery pack is not working properly and needs to be replaced.

The Razor Crazy Cart's speed controller shuts off power to the motor when the battery pack drops under 23 Volts.

A good Crazy Cart battery pack will have around 27 Volts in it when fully charged and will only drop down to 26 Volts when the throttle is pushed.

Your battery pack Voltage test proves that your thought is correct and the battery pack needs to be replaced.

Thanks mate new battery will be next step

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