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EVT 168 horrible motor noise

Hello I have an evt 168 that had a bad controller so I replaced it with one of those 24-60v universal controllers it's a 1500w brush motor and the controller it rated to 2000w well the motor works but makes a horrible transformer sound at 1/4-3/4 throttle but totally smooth at full throttle every connection is soldered and heat shrink so it's not a bad connection could it be just a crappy controller
We have run across that problem a couple of times with our 24-60 Volt 1000 Watt universal controllers. Usually when a brushed motor makes a buzzing or whining sound like that it is because of  the controller.
that's what I figured I don't normally like to use these Chinese controllers but I got it for free I like to use the Curtis 12xx series but they are expensive even used thanks
OK I see you sell a 2000w 48v brush controller I give that one a try then use the other one on my 500w bike

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