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Escooter 250w 24v

Hi I found scooter listed in parts section but cannot find parts I require like chain tensioner. Also wanted to upgrade scooter to make it faster and hold charge longer. Is it a matter of new motor and upgraded batteries and speed controller or is there more I would need? Thanks
The chain tension adjuster that we carry for the E-Scooter 24 Volt 250 Watt electric scooter is our item # HDW-126 which is the 12th part up from the bottom of the page.

To increase the top speed and ride time would require a new larger and more powerful motor, a smaller rear wheel sprocket to increase the gear ratio, larger batteries, and a more powerful speed controller.

Some of our customers have put motors as powerful as 1000 Watts into E-Scooter 24V 250W scooters so it is a modification that can be done. If you would like any help with selecting parts then please let us know.

Hi I didn't mean the chain tension adjuster. I meant the little cog thing with the springs that holds the chain tighter. It's what goes just in between the motor and the rear sprocket. I did have a good look through the parts and couldn't see it. Also can you recommend the parts I would need in order to upgrade the batteries and motor and speed controller etc to up grade the speed. 1000watt would be great upgrade thanks

We do not have a chain tension adjuster with a spring specifically for an E-Scooter electric scooter. We have them for certain versions of Razor scooters however they are designed for those models only and are not universal. We have a universal spring loaded chain tension adjuster item # CTA-100:

To modify the scooter to have a 1000 Watt motor it will need to be changed over from 24 Volts to 36 Volts. We have a few choices of 36 Volt 1000 Watt motors to choose from and any of them would work its just a matter of choosing which one you want to use. The larger 36 Volt 1000 Watt motors with black cases such as MOT-361000 and  MOT-361000B should run cooler than the MOT-SD361000 and MOT-SD361000FW motors with silver cases because they are larger and have built-in cooling vents, however they will most likely require a hole to be cut in the side of the scooter's body for them to stick out of. The SPD-361000B controller would be a good choice for any of these 1000 Watt motors. Most E-Scooter electric scooters have room for three batteries in their battery box area. The battery box would just need to be measured to see what size of batteries would fit. We list the dimension of our batteries on the batteries page.

Once the motor, controller, throttle, and batteries choices have been decided then if you want we could make a kit out of those parts and attach labeled connectors onto all of the parts so everything would plug together right out of the box.

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