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City Bug parts

 Has anyone found a source for City Bug parts?  I need a controller and it appears to be unique (mechanical rod throttle at the controller).  This is a well built scooter with an aluminum frame so I may have to mod it if no parts are available?

Thanks to all

We had a conversation with the manufacturer of the City Bug electric scooter a few tears ago and they said that they were no longer making parts for it and that they had sold out of all the parts that they had made for it. So original parts are not going to be available anymore.

Many of our customers have successfully retrofitted modern controllers and throttles such as our SPD-SPD-YK31C24 controller and THR-35 throttle onto their City Bug scooter and have gotten them back on the road again.

If I were to install a new controller and throttle onto a City Bug scooter I would opt for a SPD-SPD-YK31C24 controller and THR-105K throttle, this way the original key switch and battery level indicator could be bypassed and replaced with the key switch and battery indicator on the new throttle.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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