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HCF Pacelite 707

Hi , I have a HCF Pacelite 707 and it needed a new throttle , I purchased a THR-131 , after I did this I found that ESP actually sells a plug in replacement throttle for my scooter. My question is , am I able to make the THR-131 work with my scooter ?



You can make the THR-131 throttle work with the HCF Pacelite 707 scooter's controller by removing the old throttle's terminals from its connector and inserting the THR-131 wire terminals into the old throttle connector to match up with the controller wires as follows:

Controller - THR-131

Green   -   White

Orange   -   Black

Black   -   Yellow

Blue   -   Green

Red   -  Not Connected

Gray   -   Not Connected

Yellow   -   Not Connected

Then bridge the THR-131 throttle's brown and red wires together and insulate them.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have made the connections as per your instructions above but something is not quite right yet. I only get a light show on the "empty" part of the LEDs and the trigger does not activate the motor. Batteries are fully charged. I have two new throttles and wired this way neither work. I've added a pic , it was taken at night but if you zoom you can see what you need to. Any ideas where I should go from here? Regards Dean
(1.4 MB)
It sounds like the battery pack is dropping too much Voltage under load. I would test the Voltage of the battery pack with the main power switch off - and then again with the main power switch on, the secondary power switch on the throttle on, and the throttle fully engaged. During this test the Voltage with power off should be at around 27.5 Volts if the battery pack is good, and should only drop around one Volt or less when the power is on and throttle engaged.

The "empty" light on the throttle is calibrated to show that the battery pack Voltage is at 24 Volts or less. When the Voltage drops to around 23 Volts or less the controller shuts down power to the motor.

The secondary power switch on the throttle only disables the throttle and does not turn the main power off, so the main power switch will always need to be turned off when the scooter is not being used.

Please let us know how the battery pack testing goes.

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