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Engine/moter choice

I have two motors both 800w both 36v One is a MY1016 800w 36v The other one is a ZY 1020 800w 36v The ZY has a mount Is the a better one out of this two motors
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Hello my friends. I need your help for you to tell me what kind of model is the Scooter I am attaching to this message. In orden to identify which accelerator de I shall order,,,Thanks Manny
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Hi Jamie, I have not had a chance to use either of those brands of motors so I do not know which one is the better motor.

Hi Manuel, the scooter in your photo is a CityBug and we sell parts for it on this page:

Original parts are no longer available for the CityBug scooter so if it needs and accelerator then the throttle and controller will both need to be updated with newer parts. There is a certain procedure for starting the CityBug scooter which must be followed or it will not run. This procedure is outlined in the owners manual at this link:
Ok thank u any way for your help . Can just ask one quick thing out of the two moters I have one is 2600 rpm the other one is 2800 rpm duz that meen the 2800 rpm is better . Plus on both of them they have two bults on the back end one of them has it so u can undo the bults and adjust it . What is this for as like I say the newer moter the one that is 2800 rpm has has the bults but that's it
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The RPM rating of the motor does not affect the quality of the motor. The 2600 RPM motor is designed to run at 2600 RPM under full load, and the 2800 RPM motor is designed to run at 2800 RPM under load. One of these motors might be a better choice over the other depending on the scooter's sprocket gear ratio and the type of terrain that the scooter will be used on.

The bolts on the back of the motor in the first image are only there to hold the motor together, however the bolts on the back of the motor in the second image can be used to adjust the brush timing of the motor. If the motor's timing is more advanced the motor will produce maximum power at higher RPM, and if the motor's timing is less advanced the motor will produce maximum power at lower RPM. The best brush timing setting will produce the most power at the RPM that the scooter is most frequently used at.

Another thing to consider is that electric scooter motors which have the same nameplate ratings but are made by different companies often have different performance characteristics. For example a 36 Volt 800 Watt motor made by one company may not be as powerful as a 36 Volt 800 Watt motor made by another company. So if you have both motors then testing both of them on the same scooter may help to find the most powerful motor out of the two of them.

That makes senes . Do u think that the one that can be ajusted do u think it would be set right so I don't have to mess with it . Or is it best to move it . I take it move it forward and it makes it run faster or the other way to less power . Is that how that one works. I can try both, but one moter has brackets the other don't so if I do fit the one with out that's the one that can be ajusted it has the be welded in, so I real need to work out what one to use . Plus the one that is adjuster-ball when putting power to it it makes a cluck sound just as it starts . I real don't no what one to use now. I just wish I no witch one to use . So the number on the side I.e one saying 1016 & say 1020 the higher one the 1020 will net be more powerful . Is there any way I can find out befor fitting it . P.s if I do start ajusting it at the mo it's in the middle so moving it could I mess it up at all . If u had this one would u move it or leave it . . As the other one don't move will it be slower . I realy need to no befor fitting it .
Sorry just one more thing why will it be in the middle if it runs more power is it not best to just move it . Plus what way do I move it to make more power . Out of the two moter witch one would u use .
U also say about the gearing on the moters . The one that can be adjusted is a 12 teeth sprocket & the one that's 2800 rpm is 11 teeth if that helps
With the motor wether it's a 250w or 500w or 800w I have see now it's got a big thing about getting the gearing right on the moter and so on . I use the link u sent me to work out power and gears . Wow . So if I got this right u can get a 250w motor scooter to go faster than a 500w just by having the right gears . So if I have this right the power of the Motor will have u get up the hills with out it slowing down I.e 500w motor shod go straight up a small hill when a 250w moter will slow a little bit .
It sounds like you have got it right there. The 250 Watt motor has half the power as the 500 Watt motor has, so it would go considerably slower up hills than the 500 motor would.

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