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Controller for Razor E200 Upgrade Modification

Hi can I use a 36v 800w controller on a 250w motor but put the 3 batterys to make it 36v it the mo it's a razer 200 Controller is a 250w controller with a 24v I plain to Change it to a 800w 36 v but running on a 250w moter will it work

That will work however the 250 Watt motor will run hot if more than 250 Watts (~1/3 horsepower) of load is applied to the motor. You could get away with momentarily loading the motor with more than a 250 watt load if the continuous load on the motor was 250 Watts or less. Volts and Watts do not harm motors, only excessive heat does, so as long as the 250 Watt motor was not overheated then it will run fine with a 36 Volt 800 Watt controller.

I have oreded two controllers one standard for the razor e200 , witch is ment for a 250w 24v . But I plain to run a 350w 24v motor . & I got a 800w 36v controller as well . As u no I blown up my last controller all becoz of a wire being wrong . So I will give it one more go . If I was to put the 800w controller into the scooter as I was going to overpower the 350w 24v motor anyway will that be the best way to go . So Iv got two controllers the bigger picture is to fit my 800w 36v motor with 44 back sprocket and 12 motor sprocket shod move some . I just not sure what controller to use .would the standard razor e200 controller run for now my upgraded motor witch is a 24v still but 350w will the controller be ok . Then when I am ready to go 36v I can use the 800w 36v controller to over power the 350w motor. Then when I am ready I can fit the 800w motor . But as the 800w motor is big it need to be fitted on top of the footplate . Iv worked it all out & will do the 800w motor . But need to scooter running ASAP . So that's y I was going to just fit the 350w 24v upgrade for now but will the standard controller work ok . What controller would u use . I no it duz matter wether I go to 36v or keep it 24v for now . If the 350w 24v motor works fine on the standard controller then for now I just do that. Then later start to think about putting the 36v one more battery into it. Thanks for the help do far . I just wished I had seen the mistake with the red & black wire being the wrong way round . I could of had it up and running today . Instead of paying out for controllers and charges lol . Thanks again .
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As a rule of thumb I always like to use a controller that is rated for the same or higher Wattage than the motor, but not the other way around. If you are overvolting a 24 Volt motor then its estimated Watts rating at the increased Voltage can be calculated using the tool at this link:

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