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Questions about Extreme 360x scooter

I just recently picked up a used extreme 360x for free, I charged it and it shows full charge, but nothing happens when you give it throttle. What I have done so far 1) bench tested motor and it works 2) adjusted brake cable and also tried disconnecting brake switch 3) replaced the 2 fuses 4)checked all electrical connections. Does anyone have any input on what to check next?? Thanks for any help
The next step I would take is to load test the battery pack. This could be done by reading the Voltage of the battery pack with the scooter's power off, and then again with the scooter's power on and throttle fully engaged. The battery pack Voltage should be around 39 Volts with the power off, and with the power on and throttle fully engaged the Voltage should not drop under 33 Volts. If the Voltage of the battery pack drops under 33 Volts then the battery pack is either not holding a charge or it is dropping too many Volts under load. A good battery pack will only drop around 1 Volt under load however one that drops a few Volts can still work.

This load test will only work if the batteries are causing the problem. If another part such as the controller or throttle are not working then no load will be applied to the battery pack so it will not be load tested during this test. If there is any decrease in Voltage when the power is on and throttle engaged then that is a good sign that the parts of the scooter other than the battery pack are working. The individual batteries in the pack could also be load tested outside of the scooter with an automotive carbon pile load tester set to a 36 Amp load. Local battery stores can also load test electric scooter batteries.

If the battery pack is around 39 Volts and does not drop any amount of Voltage at all during the load test then another part of the scooter is not working. The faulty part could be a power or key switch, throttle, controller, etc.

If you do not get any Voltage drop during the load test then please let us know and we will take it from their.
Sorry been really busy with overtime. I just went to see if the scooter worked and when I turned it on and applied throttle it moved a few incheseconds and stopped. It hasn't done that yet, also when I apply throttle the green lights don't light up at all for the throttle. The red lights for battery show full charge. It only moved a few inches and now wont even do that again. I have a basic multimeter but it only has 9v or 1.5v options for battery testing.
The green lights appear when the battery Voltage is high and when the green lights turn off turn off the Voltage is low, so it sounds like the battery pack is dropping a lot of Voltage under load.

Testing the battery pack's Voltage with a multimeter when it is not under load, and then again when it is under load is the first step that we recommend taking to troubleshoot the problem. However the battery level indicator lights on the scooter are a simple Voltage meter, so if the green light is on when the throttle is released, and turns off when the throttle is engaged, that is a very good sign that the battery pack is dropping too much Voltage under load and needs to be replaced

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Sorry I didn't explain that clearly. I have all red lights lit up for battery after a full charge, the green lights for the throttle do not light up at all. They haven't been lit at all that I have seen. What setting should my voltage meter be set at when checking the batteries etc. How do I test the throttle? I'm guessing that the throttle is bad since the green light indicators don't light up whatsoever
Most multimeters have a 200 DC Volts setting which is the best setting to use for measuring the Voltage of electric scooter battery packs.

Here is a link to our throttle testing guide:

If the throttle's indicator lights are not lighting up that usually is due to the controller not receiving power from the battery pack due to a bad wire, wire connector, fuse, circuit breaker, or switch. The throttle indicator lights are separate from and use a different wire than the throttle's hall effect sensor which controls the scooter's speed. So if the throttle indicator lights do not light up then that is not necessarily an indication of a bad throttle. However it could be caused by a bad throttle wire or wire connector though.

I recommend to unplug the controller's power input connector (the one with a thick red and thick black wire) from the scooter's wiring harness and check to see if the controller is receiving power from the wiring harness. If the controller is not getting power then that could be caused by a faulty wire, wire connector, fuse, circuit breaker, or switch.

Please let us know how it goes.

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