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TaoTao ATE 501 Batteries draining fast after being replaced.

I replaced the batteries about a month ago and they have been draining fast. I first noticed that my turn signals sound funny when turn the throttle or my headlights are on. At first when the batteries started draining fast I though it was the weather since it is getting colder out. Now they are getting worse and seems to run ok until I hit a hill. When I go up even a small incline they are pretty much done. I have also replaced the wires linking the battery pack together. Thinking that may have been a problem. Any help would be great. Thank you

From your description of the problem it sounds like the battery charger is not recharging the batteries. This could be caused by a faulty battery charger, faulty charger port, or a problem with the wires or connector(s) between the charger port and batteries.

The first thing I would do is plug the battery charger into the wall and see if it has a green light that turns on. If the charger's green light does not turn on when the charger is plugged into the wall then the charger is faulty and will need to be replaced.

If when plugged into the wall the charger's green light does turn on then unplug the charger from the wall, then plug it into the scooter, and then plug t back into the wall again. Now the charger should have a red light on until the batteries are fully charged. If the charger does not have a red light at first when plugged into the scooter and the wall then chances are that there is a problem with the charger port, or possibly but less likely the charger.


I would also check the wires behind the charger port to make sure that they are connected to the wiring harness, controller, or batteries.

Hopefully this will help. Please let us know how it goes.

Well it seems you are right about the batteries not charging fully. It charges for about 2 hours then turns off like fully charged. I changed the wiring harness and wires to the charging port all the way into the main wiring harness. The battery test tested good on each battery and as a whole. The charger, charging port, and at the connections of the port harness all check to 50 or a bit over volts. I am still having the same problem that the batteries are not fully charging. Also thank you for all your help. 

Since the charging system has been gone through and the problem still persists it is possible that one of the batteries might have a bad cell in it.

I recommend to load test the individual batteries to see if one of them is dropping too much Voltage under load. This could be done at home with an automotive battery load tester, or at a local battery store. Some auto parts stores can also load test these type of batteries however it is best to call first and ask if they can.

The battery pack can also be load tested as a whole to see how it performs under load using the procedure on this page:

Please let us know how it goes.


I have done a load test and all seems good. It does look like the batteries are not charging fully for some reason. They charge for about 2 hours and stop. Battery level indicator only registers about 3 quarters full when I take off. I only get about 5 miles then they are dead. That is without using any of the blinkers and lights. What about the voltage regulator? Would that have anything to do with it? Can that be tested and if so how? I also have a xtreme xbli that is wrecked. Can I try the lipo battery from that? Can I just hook up that battery or do I have to change everything over?

It sounds like there might possibly be a problem with the battery charger. The TaoTao ATE 501 scooter has a 48 Volt battery pack that should charge up to 55.2 Volts when the charge is complete. I was reading back on this post and noticed that you mentioned the battery pack was at 50 Volts or a bit over. If the battery charger is only charging the battery pack up to 50 Volts then that could explain the short range that the scooter is getting.

Sometimes leaving the charger plugged into the scooter and wall for a while after the light turns green will help to bring the Voltage up. If you have not already done so then I would recommend to leave the charger plugged in and on for 10-12 hours after the light turns green. After the charger light turns green it still puts out a little bit of power to the battery pack which might help to bring it up to where it should be.

Please let us know how it goes.

I already bought a new charger and the same issue. I will keep it plugged in over night and see if that helps any but I have had it charging for over 8 hrs. Any other suggestions? 

Also I have a 48v lipo battery from a xtreme xbli. I am thinking with he colder weather it may be better to be able to bring the battery pack inside to charge. With the lipo battery I can do that. What would I need to do to change the current SLA batteries to the lipo battery? 

Thank you

A cold sealed lead acid battery pack can significantly reduce the range and run time of the scooter. For every degree under 70 the battery capacity is reduced by around 1 percent. So if the battery pack is lets say 45 degrees, then the run time will be reduced by 25 percent. Cold also affects charging the battery. I would try charging and storing the bike in a heated area to see if that helps.

A 48 Volt lipo battery may or may not work with the ATE 501 scooter's controller. The 501 controller has a low Voltage cut off level that is designed for lead acid battery packs, and it might be too high or too low for a lipo battery pack. Also before installing a lipo battery pack make sure that it was originally used on a 500 Watt or higher scooter, as lipo batteries have a certain maximum Amp output level that can not be exceeded without damaging the battery.

Please let us know how it goes.

I have had my Taotao ATE501 500w electric scooter for about 5 months now, it was pre-owned from a co worker who had it for about a year in a half, now the other night I forgot to un plug my charger from my scooter after an entire night of charging,and now it seems to only charge about half way. now my first question is. Can the charger overheat from being plugged in to long? Or is there a way to test if it's shot. My second question is or do you think it's the batteries that are shot? Any information is appreciative as this is my first electric scooter and don't know a lot about them

I'm actually a TaoTao dealer( thought I don't like to admit it ) and I can tell you every one of those battery chargers are defective they do not stop charging when the red light comes on so if you keep it plugged in it will eventually cook the batteries also a lithium pack will totally work as long as it's wired right I have installed a few packs into the 501s though I don't know which pack you have I usually just use generic Chinese made packs if youre in the Treasure Coast area I can check it out for you I don't have a shop anymore but I still work on them
also sorry about my terrible typing skills

I have no way of keeping the vehicle indoors. I live in a town house. I have a basement but it is to steep in a incline for the bike to get out once I get it in. I took the batteries out over the weekend and let them set inside. I also bought a battery wrap and lined the bottom of the battery box with that and replaced the batteries. Now I can keep them warm when I am not riding. Yesterday when I charged it again it only charged for about 2 to 3 hours and then the charger says full. We are have nice warm weather here about 50 to 60 degrees and still doing the same thing. I am clueless now. 

Hi Jason, if there is any way you can send me something regarding wireing them that would be awesome. I have a 48v 700w battery pack from an old Xtreme XB700li It comes in a battery box that you plug into a plug in the old bike. You can remove and charge it inside. I have attached a file to show what it looks like. All I know is its a 48V LIPO4 Sealed Lithium Battery. Would be much easier if I could just use this for the winter.   Another question. Is there anyway something can be shorting it out?

Thank you

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