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Brake Cable Switch

Where can I get a brake cable switch, for a City Bug?  

Original brake cable switches for City Bug electric scooters are no longer available however we may be able to find an aftermarket switch that will work. Could you take and attach a photo of the switch so we can try to match it up?

Thanks for responding. I will try replacing the micro-switch in the original. Should be doable.

Also, since there is no schematic drawing for the board. Is there a parts list? U6 in particular is unreadable.

Thanks for your help.

(1.68 MB)
That brake switch in your photo is like no other brake switch that I have ever seen before, it must have been unique to the City Bug scooter only. Back when the late 90s when the City Bug scooters were made there were practically no universal electric scooter parts like we have now, so manufacturers often had to make their own parts.

I do not know of any parts list that is available for the City Bug scooter.

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