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Noise in electric TRX Transporter left wheel area question.

The left wheel is making a noise like rough spot is in the wheel. I replaced the wheel with the other wheel but it still makes the noise. Could it be the electric motor bearings? Can they be replaced or just get a new motor?

Thanks for any ideas?

Sounds like it might be the motor bearings. I would start by removing the left wheel's belt and then run the motor without the belt attached. That will narrow down the problem to the motor bearings if the noise still continues to be made with the belt removed. The motor bearings might make less noise with the belt removed though than with the belt on since there is less pressure on them. It is worth a try though to see what happens. Also with the belt removed both the motor and wheel can be turned by hand to see if any bearing interference or noise can be detected.

The motor's bearings are replaceable, however it takes a little bit of electric motor rebuilding skills in order to successfully take apart the motor, pull and replace the bearings, and reassemble the motor. It might be worth a try though. Worst case is that it can not be repaired and will need to be replaced.

Please let us know how it goes.

After replacing both wheels the noise quit.

After replacing both wheels the noise quit.

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