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miniMoto gokart power shut off issues

 Hello.  My daughter's older Honda style  Minimoto gokart is having power problems.  When we hit the on switch there is an audible click, and the motor is ready to go.  However, everything stops after about five seconds. This was also happening before when she would switch into reverse, and then it would not want to operate in forward.   When we turn it off for about 30 seconds it repeats the same pattern (power returns and then ceases shortly thereafter).

Unfortunately,  I am new to the world of electronics..  I'm not sure if it's the throttle switch, a connection, or the controller?

any help would be appreciated.

I am in Eugene Oregon if you know of anyone that repairs  electrical scooters etc.  in my area.

Thank you!

Although that type of problem could be caused by various different issues the most common reason that an electric go kart would run for only a few seconds and then stop would be due to old or worn out batteries.

If the history of the battery pack is unknown, or if it is known that the battery pack is over two years old or that it was stored without being recharged every 30 days then it is probably safe to presume that the battery pack is old, improperly maintained, or worn out.

The battery pack Voltage can be tested to determine its condition so you do not have to guess. To test the battery pack use a multimeter set to DC Volts to check its Voltage. The Minimoto Go Kart has a 36 Volt battery pack which should be at around 41 Volts when fully charged. The first step of the Voltage test is with the power switch off, and then with the power switch on and throttle pressed. If the battery pack Voltage drops under 33 Volts when the power switch is on and the throttle is pressed then the batteries are faulty and will need to be replaced. If the battery pack Voltage does not significantly drop during this test then the problem might be with another part of the go kart.

Here is a link to our battery pack load testing guide:

Please let us know how it goes, or if you have any questions.

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