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36 Volt 1000 Watt Electric Scooter Power Kit Price?

Hi! I am building an electric scooter from old moped. I am not very experienced, so I would like some help.  I would like to purchasing one unit 36V 1000 W Motor , Controller , Throttle grip

 Battery Wiring Harness for 36 Volt Electric Scooters

36 Volt 1000 Watt 3000 RPM Electric Scooter Motor 

36Volt 1000 Watt Speed Controller

Full Length Twist Throttle with 36 Volt Power Meter and Key Switch 

Please quote the best price

Thanks and best regards

Mike Huang

We can make a kit out of the parts you listed above with no questions asked. Just let us know if that is what you would like.

However if the gear ratio between the motor sprocket and wheel sprocket is too high then the motor or controller could overheat and burn out, so if you want we would be glad to help with running some calculations and finding the right gear ratio for your project.

The gear ratio and top speed at full motor RPM is very important when converting a gas moped to electric. If the gear ratio is too high the electric motor will lug and not have enough power and overheat. We can help with figuring out the correct gear ratio and what size wheel sprocket to use.

Will the chain go directly between the motor and rear wheel, or is there a jackshaft between the motor and rear wheel like Motobecane mopeds have?

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