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Battery dying on my eScooter 500w 36v

Hey everyone!

I bought a 500w 36v eScooter about 2 months ago and I use it everyday (mon to Fri) to go to work (18 minutes - 3.22km average).

Recently I noticed that the battery drains just before I'm getting home, even though sometimes I charge it at the office.

This weekend I'll remove every light just to make sure there's no drain and I also will use a tester to see which of the 3 batteries has problem charging.

The thing is that I want to buy new battery pack, just in case and I have noticed that I need a 36v 12ah battery, right? My question is Can I install a 36v battery from a motorcycle that operates at 36ah? What will be the consequences of doing this? What determines which battery I have to change?

Thank you all!


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We are not very familiar with the E-Scooter 36V 500W scooter that is shown in your photo yet so I am not sure if it has a 36 Volt 12Ah battery pack. Most scooters of that design do use 12Ah batteries though so that sounds right - I would definitely pull the footplate to confirm the battery size before purchasing a new battery pack though.

There is no harm in upgrading the battery pack from 12Ah batteries to 36Ah batteries however the 36Ah batteries will be three times larger and heavier so I can not imagine that they would fit inside of the battery box. Also if the batteries are changed over to 36Ah then a larger battery charger would be needed to recharge them.

If the battery pack has one bad battery in it the best practice is to replace all of the batteries in the pack at the same time and with the same brand of batteries. Mixing and matching different ages and brands of batteries in a battery pack is not recommended because if it is done the Voltages of the batteries could become unbalanced which would damage them. It is best to replace all of the batteries in the pack at the same time.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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