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need axle, wheel and bearing recommendations for #410 bike chain

Hi, so I'm motorizing an F14 go kart I built for my grandsons for Halloween.  I've bought the 350watt motor with gear reduction that has a #410 bike chain sprocket.  I also purchased a 13 tooth sprocket with an ID of 11mm.  Now comes the hard part, I can't find any axle material in 11mm.  I can find 10mm, but not 11.  What I really need is a complete kit of axel, pillow blocks and wheels and would gladly pay any amount for them, its just an issue of not being able to find them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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I recommend looking at the axles, bearings and pillow blocks, and wheels that are sold at online go kart parts stores. I don't think they would have any 11mm axles however they should have 3/4" or 1" axles along with chain sprocket hubs that fit them. They should also have sprockets for #41 and #420 chain which could be machined from 1/4" wide, down to 1/8" wide, to work with #410 chain, or a #41 or #420 chain could be used with the 350 Watt gear motor's #410 chain sprocket.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and how it goes with finding the axle and related parts that you need.

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