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My batteries full charged my scooter is good for 14 kilometres instead of the usual 50 to 70 kilometres


I have a 4 years 48 volts (4 batteries of acid / lead of 12 volts each, I don't know the amperage) Gio electric scooter.

Since few months, my batteries full charged (53 to 56 volts: 3 full blocks on the screen), I can only make 14 kilometres instead of the usual 50 to 70 kilometres. It's like there's almost no current left. However, the voltage of my batteries is 46 volts (two blocks on the screen) and the lights, the turn signals, the horn and the screen light work.

I proceed several test and all the results are like this:
fully charged : 51.38 v (that's now the full charge level: I don't know if this is normal)
motor running 20 sec : 50.00 v
after motor is stopped the voltage comes back slowly to 51.28 v.

Is the next step to test the controller or so? If yes do you have an how to do guide?

How do I find the problem myself? I have a multi-meter.

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46 v on a 48 v pack meens your battrys r dead if u had it 4 years and was getting that range then yes they r gone . Plus I do this the easy way . A 12v battry is about 13v changed ish but always more then 12v . Even if u use it it will still say 12.8 or 13v . So you're 48v pack if u put a v metter to it and it saying 48 v then it's dead . Shod say 52v ish 51v Sorry to but in hope that helps u
Thanks a lot for you answer Jamie! Unfortunately, my English level don't let me understand good enough your response (I use a translator to write). My batteries are 46 v after 14 kilometres but when full charged they are around 52. Are you saying that each 12v battery will stay around 13v after using it or you meant something else?


Each battry is 12v if a battry a 12v one if showing 11v or less iven 12v when testing it a 12v shod be 12.8 or even 13v . So 4 / 12v batteys shod be 50v plus may be 52v if less then they r dead . If it comes up a 48 v pack to showing anything less then 50v shod be 52 v even if it show 48v on a 48v pack then they r gone . But 4 years r not bad . Duz that help

 I don't understand your writing but, I really appreciate you took the time to answer.

If u have had the battrys for 4 years then yes I would say they r dead . 2/3years is pushing it . So if u got 4 years then that's not bad . So I would say they are dead . U will need new ones
Ok, I understand that. Thanks again! :-)


Cool . 4 years is a long time for battrys to last so yes I would say they are dead. 12v shod be 12.8v / 13v that's a good 12v battery it says 12v on the battry case but it's really 13v. All 12v battrys shod read 13v . So add them up and 4 / 12v battrys you think shod show 48v. But if it did just show 48v on your vault metter then one of them battrys will be dead . So I would say put each battry on your metter and each one 12v shod show 13v or 12.8v but if it shows 12v or less even when charging then u no it's that one that's dead . As u have 4 battrys not all of them may be dead . That's if you want to look at them all . I would as you mite just need one or two new battrys. But by the sound of it you had all 4 battrys running for 4 years now so I would get new ones . Hope this helped you . Like I say u can look at each battry one by one , a good battry 12v shod show 13v then that's a good one. if it only shows 12v on the voult meter then that's a dead battery. Like I say 4 battrys 48v shod be 52v if not a bit more . But if a 48v pack shows 48v then you have a dead battery. Could just be one of them or all of them. If I was you thinking about it you had them for 4 years so that's good really good 3 years max . So I would just get 4 new batterys .
You sed your pack shows 48v or 50 ish when fully charged but after used 14k it gos to 46v that's not right , even if u used them and they r not charged they shod still show 50v ish so thst tells me they are gone . Get 4 new battrys and you will be good as new again . Sorry if you could not understand so of what I sed . But I see that u was not getting a reply of anyone, so I was trying to help u . Hope I did . Get 4 new battrys ,
I just fully charged the batteries: The voltage was 54.21v.
Waiting maybe half an hour the it is 51.77v.
After around one hour, each battery are, 12.75v - 12.96v - 12.98 - 13v.
After an other 30 minutes the voltage is 51,63.
On good batteries, does the voltage decrease fast right away and then decrease slowly like this?
The thing is that I want to sell the scooter that works well beside that and spending 310$CA taxes included is a bit not funny, hehehehe. If I have no other option, I'll buy them anyway. I appreciate you time, really.


The voult shod not drop . So yes need new battrys but if your selling it and it works then just sell it . But after 30mins or even 1h it shod not drop. By what u r saying u need new battrys. Sorry to tell u bad news. But like I say u can just sell it as its working . . 4 years is not bad trust me . So it up to u now iver pay out for 4 new ones or sell the scooter. It's not like the scooter don't work . Anyway good luck
I will sell it anyway. But when I'll say to the potentials buyers that they need to buy new batteries this will drop the price by 300$CA. Maybe I'll have to almost give it. But there is worst thing in live, I know that. ;-)


Hi Rene, I have been reading over this topic and agree that if the batteries are four years old then if they are providing 25% of the range they provided when new that is perfectly normal. At fours year old the batteries are past their useful lifespan and would need to be replaced in order for the scooter to have the same range that it did when the batteries were close to new.

Since the scooter still runs with the old batteries then it is a running scooter and should command the price of a running scooter with worn out but still working batteries. Most electric scooters are not sold with brand new batteries that are under warranty so if someone buys the scooter and has to replace the batteries with new ones then they will have an electric scooter that is in much better than average condition.

I do not know what the going price of Gio electric scooters is in your area however for example lets say they are going for $400 with good used batteries, then the price of one with brand new batteries that are under warranty should be around $500. So the price of a working scooter that needs $300 of new batteries should be around $200.

IT is a working scooter so sell it as one. 300 I would say is ok . See what u get offered. If they say about the battrys, tell them if u had put new one in then it would be 500 . U r not lying it's a running scooter
Thanks, ESP support. New my scooter was about 1000 $CA plus taxes. I didn't realized that other sellers won't necessarily say that there batteries need to be change even if it's the case.

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