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7 wire throttle????

I have a 7 wire throttle green, brown, grey, orange, white, yellow and light blue. I have no idea which is which. Can any one help please?????

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I have a 7 wire throttle and a six wire control motor the extra wire is brown where does that go
Hi Edward, we need a little more information in order to determine which wires belong to which throttle functions. Do you know who the manufacturer of the throttle is, or what make and model scooter or bike it if for. Could you attach a photo of the throttle?
Hi Dominic, we would need more information in order to answer your question also. Do you know anything more about the throttle and controller, or the vehicle they are form, and can you attach photos of them?
I just bought a new wrist throttle the original throttle was a thumb throttle that had6 wires. This new one has 7witrs and I don't know where the brown wire go on the brushless controller.

Hi Dominic, different throttle and controller manufacturers use different wire colors for the functions of their products so we can not figure this out without seeing wiring directions for the two parts that are being connected together.

Do you have or can you get wiring directions for the new throttle and for the brushless controller so we could have a look at them?

Could some help iv done something wrong and my 48 volt 1000 watts chaos scooter only now drives backwards when I twist the throttle back I haven't touche any off the wiring tho I did take the motor out apart cleaned it put it back together then was going to take for a test run to make sure wheels and chain brakes were all working after the clean went to go and it went backwards what have I done wrong
Somehow the wires between the controller and motor must have got reversed.

All you need to do is reverse the polarity between the controller and motor wires to get the motor to spin in the opposite direction.

To do this unplug the motor from the controller. Then take a very small screwdriver and one at a time push the locking tab of the terminal pin flat with the pin and gently pull the pins out of the white plastic connector. Then restore the original positions of the terminal locking tabs using the same screwdriver and push the terminal pins back into the plastic connector in the opposite positions that they were in when they were pulled out. I recommend marking the position of either the red or black wire with a permanent marker or tape so their original positions are not forgotten after the terminals are removed from the connector.


Please let us know how it goes.

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