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Need help trying to fix an emmo ebike

Can somebody help me by telling me which wire is throttle on a hub wheel that's got 3 thicker wires blue green yellow and 5 small wires red black blue yellow and green I am trying to get the wheel to spin without turning throttle as. I am trying to repair this bike?
I amm getting a response from the motor it jolts a little bit then I cannot move it by hand u til I cut power is there some way that I can bypass the actual throttle to get the wheel spinning
Brushless hub motors with three thick wires and five thin wires will only run when connected to a brushless motor controller.

They can be made to jolt a little by connecting DC power directly to two of their thick wires, however they can not be made to rotate without a brushless controller connected to them.

If the hub motor is connected to a controller and it jolts but does not run then there is a good chance that one of the connections between the motor and controller's thin wires is loose or short circuited, or one of the hall effect sensors in the motor that connects to the thin wires is not working.

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