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Looking for charger - Electric Scooter 3000W - Esho Jupiter

Been driving a Chinese made scooter for the last few years. It has been working great but a few months ago the charger gave up. 

I've been searching for a new charger but I can't find one in Sweden, where I am. The specs are:

60v, 8A, EU-connection one end and 4-pin connection in the other.

Please help me find a new charger!

We can special order 60 Volt 8 Amp battery chargers for electric scooters however they are available in different versions for lead acid and lithium battery packs so we need to know a little more about the scooter.

Does the scooter have a lead acid or lithium battery pack?

Can you attach a photo of the 4-pin connector so we can see what it looks like?

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