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speed controller wiring

 Hi there, i stumbled upon this website  after searching for datasheet of my speedcontroller, i had no luck with it so i decided to ask you guys for help, is there a simple (or not so simple) way to determine which connectors are for what?

I got yi-yun 2403 speed controller, it's pretty old and all labels from connectors fell off, only "lock" is left, besides lock, i can recognize which are battery,throttle and motor, now i have black+yellow, 2x black+red and 1 red+blue wire which i have no idea what are for, actually i don't need any brake signals/lamps, i only need to be able to controll the motor with throttle.After some voltage measuring, lock wire(pink+blue) gives me 24v, one red+black gives mi 6v, and yellow+black also gives me 6v. red+blue and second red+black give no voltage.i thought lock it will be more simple- to just short lock connector and the thing will work, but sadly it's not working that way(fried speed controller isn't out of way, it hasn't been tested for many years). So could you help me with that? i have one more different controller with the same problem- no labels and bunch of connectors, that's why i would like to know if there is way to determine which connectors are for what.. Thanks in advance!

The connector with black+yellow wires should be for the brake switch.

The 2x black+red and 1 red+blue connectors should be for the battery charger port, power indicator light, and brake light.

The charger port connector is wired directly to the battery connector wires inside of the controller, so it can be determined by applying power to the controller with the lock connector wires open.

The power indicator light connector will only have power when the lock connector wires are closed.

And the brake light connector will only have power when the brake switch connector wires are closed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your help! i did some more testing and yeah, after applying power to controller and shorting out lock connector, i can control motor, after shorting black and yellow, none of the connectors is giving more voltage, but i don't care much for that, as i said i only need to be able to control the motor. My second speed controller has a 6pin connector which goes to lock and front "display" which shows battery status/speed and other stuff, i'll play a bit with it tommorow to try identify lock wires. :)


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