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My Crazy Cart Wont Work

My crazy cart won't work anymore it did for quite some time and one day i was in the middle of riding it and i heard a noise in my pedal and it just stopped. I charged it the next day and it still didn't work and the next day and still the same answer. I looking up what could be wrong but i am just not sure.

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If the power switch does not light up when it is on then it could be a blown fuse. However if the power switch does light up when on then the fuse is good.

If the power switch lights up when on then the next thing to check is for a broken motor wire. To do this turn the power switch on and give the cart full throttle. Now slowly move the steering wheel all the way from left to right and see if the motor runs at any point during this test.

Please let us know how it goes.
After powering my 2 year old crazy cart the light on the power switch does stay on...when i step on the throttle the wheels do not go...all I hear is a click...any ideas? Electronic: controller? Motor?
Hi John, the most common causes of that type of problem are the battery pack, motor wires, controller, and throttle. Since the controller is clicking that indicates that the fuse and power switch are good so they do not need to be tested. Testing is required to pinpoint which part has failed. We would perform the following tests in the order that they are shown below:
  • With the power switch on and throttle fully engaged, slowly move the steering wheel from far left to far right. If the motor runs at any point during this test then the motor wires need to be replaced.
  • Plug the battery charger into the cart and then the wall. Prop the cart up on something so the front wheel is in the air. Turn the power switch on and give the cart full throttle. If the wheel spins during this test then the battery pack is worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • Test the battery pack. With the power switch on and throttle fully engaged, test the Voltage of the battery pack. It should not be under 23 Volts during this test. If it is less then 23 Volts then the battery pack needs to be replaced.
  • If the battery pack tests good then use jumper wires to directly connect the motor to the battery pack. If the motor does not run then slowly move the steering wheel from far left to far right. If it does not run while moving the steering wheel then one of the motor wires is broken and the motor wires need to be replaced.
  • If the battery pack and motor both test good then the problem is narrowed down to either the controller or throttle. The throttle and controller can be tested with a multimeter set to DC Volts. Here are instructions for testing the throttle and controller.


 Please let us know if you have any questions.

My daughters crazy cart drift does not move. When I turn cart on via the switch it comes on then I press the throttle and it clicks but no transfer of power and wheel does not turn. Can you assist me with this problem pls?! There is a motor connected to the main wheel and by smell it smells it could be burnt out.
If the motor smells burnt the first thing I would check for is a broken motor wire. The motor wire can break underneath its plastic insulation and arc at the break causing the insulation to get hot and smell burnt.

Sometimes the broken wire can be detected by raising the front wheel off of the ground, turning the power switch on, and applying full throttle while slowly turning the steering wheel all the way from far left to far right. If the motor begins to momentarily run during any point of this test then there is a broken motor wire.

Other times the broken motor wire will not make contact during this test. If the motor can not be made to run during this test then the next step is to turn the power switch off and bend the individual motor wires by hand to see if one of them appears to be broken under its insulation. A break can be detected if a section of the wire bends with a significantly less amount of force than the rest of the wire bends with.

There may be a plastic sheathing over the wires that needs to be cut away to inspect them. On some models there is also a spring over the wires that needs to be pushed out of the way to inspect the full length the wires.


I have took the motor wheel off and inspected the motor connections. The motor was hot even though it's not been run, just turning the on switch on makes the motor hot. I disconnected the connection block and opened up the casing to the motor, it was still warm but I believe it could be the to wires from the connection block to the motor where the problem lies. The cables are solded to the motor so I believe I need a new motor all together but does the 2 wires come with the motor with the half of connection block if purchased?? Could it also be something else?? Thanks in advance.
If the motor was hot then the motor wires would have to be good.

We do not hear off too many burned out Crazy Cart motors however in this case the motor would have to be burned out if it did not run and was hot. I would make sure that the wheel spins freely by hand before replacing the motor though, because if the wheel is stuck and won't turn then the motor might be okay and the wheel or its bearings needs replacement instead of the motor.

The Crazy Cart motor comes with the 2 wires and connector already attached to it. It is a plug and play part that is ready to install as soon as it is received.
Yes mate the wheel doesn't move freely at all seems stuck. I opened the casing from the wheel and there was 3 steel rings inside. They were ok but u could be right it's the bearings or wheel need replacing. Which shall I check first? How will I know which is the problem between the bearings and the wheel?
Once the wheel casing has been taken apart I recommend to take a photo or draw a picture of the order that the spacer or spacers are installed on the axle inside the rim, because it can be easy to forget the order they go in after some time has passed.

With the axle completely removed from the wheel bearings then the inner section of the bearing should be able to be easily turned by hand. If the bearing does not spin freely by hand then it should be replaced.

Since the wheel is already apart, and bearings are not expensive, I would go ahead and replace both of the bearings even if only one of them has failed.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes and if you have any questions.

That is the pic inside the wheel, the steel rings must be the bearings you talk about and yes they spin freely but there is a third one ( the smallest 1) which doesn't move round in sync with the other 2 but it does move. The outer 2 move together. And the steel rings can be raised up but raise up together. The plastic ring they lie on doesn't move freely and the 3 plastic spiked rings underneath that doesn't move.
(1.27 MB)

That wheel has a built in hub motor so it must be for a Razor Crazy Cart Shift instead of a Razor Crazy Cart. The Shift version of the Crazy Cart is different from the standard version.


The Crazy Cart Shift has a different drivetrain than the standard Crazy Cart so please disregard what I previously mentioned about the problem being with the bearings.

On the Crazy Cart Shift a seized drive wheel is more likely to be from a faulty motor or broken gears than from the bearings. I would inspect the gears and see if they are able to be turned by hand, and have a good look over everything to try to determine if it can be made to turn without replacing any parts that are in it. Hopefully the problem is just a small piece of stray plastic that got jammed between the gears or something like that.

If it needs to be replaced then I am almost certain that Razor will only offer a complete new front wheel with motor rather than selling individual parts to repair the front wheel. The Crazy Cart Shift is such a new model that we do not have any parts for it yet. We will inquire with Razor regarding availability of the front wheel assembly and then reply again to let everyone know if it is available and how much it costs.

I have checked the gears and they are stuck, I have tried to look around and can't see anything wedged.( u can only inspect half because the casing of wheel only comes off 1side) when u try to mush the gears round the wheel in the motor tries to turn also. Seems like I need a whole complete wheel dnt I?!!
Something must have jammed or broke inside of it. We put a request for pricing and availability of the Razor Crazy Cart Shift drive wheel yesterday and are waiting for a reply. As soon as we know the availability of this part then I will let you know.
Can we purchase a Crazy Cart drive wheel? Mine has stripped gears and will need to be replaced.

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