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My Crazy Cart Wont Work

My crazy cart won't work anymore it did for quite some time and one day i was in the middle of riding it and i heard a noise in my pedal and it just stopped. I charged it the next day and it still didn't work and the next day and still the same answer. I looking up what could be wrong but i am just not sure.

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Crazy Cart not working. This thing has been in and out of shop more than running. Current issue - just out of shop seemed to be running fine for a couple days. Today fresh charged running strong then quit. If I plug charger in shows a full charge. Power switch will only light up if plugged into charger. If you press pedal while charger plugged in it will click but not move. If unplugged from charger, switch not lit and nothing when pedal pressed. Thanks Hugh This cart does not have the safety switch I have read about in your forum. The on/off switch is located under the steering wheel. Very frustrated with this cart. Cart stays outside under carport, coastal town.

That type of problem is usually caused by a blown fuse. The Crazy Cart's fuse holder is located on the battery pack. 

Please let us know how it goes.

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