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Kids Razor Crazy Cart won't work

My daughters Crazy Cart just suddenly stopped working. When you push the peddle nothing happens. I charged it completely and took the outside housing of the cart to check the connections. All the wires were connected from what I can see. If you push the peddle nothing happens. Every once in awhile it will be a clicking noise when you press the peddle but then sometimes it will make no noise at all. Please help we have only had the cart for a brief period. Thanks
Since the Crazy Cart has only been used for a brief period of time, and the clicking noise is intermittent and happens sometime but not other times, the problem is most likely to be in the circuit between the battery pack and controller, or with the throttle.

I would unplug the battery pack from the controller and then plug it back in again to make sure that the plug is properly seated. I would also remove and reinstall the fuse from the battery pack to make sure that it is properly seated. Then I would gently pull on the wire terminals on the back side of the power switch to make sure that they are not loose and causing the problem.

Even though the battery pack is fairly new it is the first thing that I would test. To perform a basic test on the battery pack place something under the cart to hold its front wheel off of the ground. Now turn the power switch on and give the cart full throttle. If the wheel spins during this test but it does not spin when on the ground that points towards the battery pack being faulty.

Please let us know how it goes and we will take it from there.

Now while the cart is plugged in it will make a clicking noise when the peddle is pressed. It will do it briefly after being unplugged but then eventually stops clicking.
That test result points towards a faulty battery pack.

If you have a multimeter the Voltage of the battery pack could be tested when it is under load to confirm if it is faulty or not.

To perform a load test on the battery pack:
  1. Place the Crazy Cart so the front of it is against a wall and its wheel is pointing forward to prevent it from moving (I know yours does not currently move though so you can probably skip this step).
  2. Turn the power switch to the "ON" position.
  3. Set the multimeter to DC Volts


  4. Place the multimeter probes so they make contact with the battery pack's positive and negative leads. This could be done on the batteries or at the end of the battery wiring harness connector.
  5. Read and take note of the battery pack Voltage. This will be the No Load reading
  6. Press and hold the throttle pedal all the way down.
  7. Read and take note of the battery pack Voltage. This will be the Under Load reading.
  8. Release the throttle pedal and turn the power switch to the "OFF" position.

The No Load reading should be around 27 Volts, and the Under Load reading should be above 23 Volts. If the Under Load reading is 23 Volts or less then the battery pack is old, worn out, damaged, or faulty and will need to be replaced. The Crazy Cart's controller will not allow the motor to run when the Voltage is 23 Volts or less.


Please let us know how it goes.

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