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How rare is a hall throttle failure

After wiring in a new controller, everything worked--low and high

speed and reverse.  Then, after using cable ties to tie everything down,

it quit---no low or high speed or reverse.

Turns out it is a faulty hall throttle. (brand new)

I thought they were pretty much bullet- proof.

Anyone else have one fail?

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Hall effect throttle failures are not very common however they do happen occasionally. Unless a hall effect throttle is incorrectly wired to begin with then it will usually last a long time. Most of the hall effect throttles that we have seen which have stopped working have wires that are internally broken, or have broken or failed connections to the hall effect chip inside the throttle rather than the hall effect chip inside of them failing.
Can I bypass the hall effect sensor

Most electric scooters, bikes, go-karts, and ATVs are not designed for instant full throttle acceleration which would be encountered if the hall effect sensor was bypassed to an on-off switch so we do not recommend it. Doing so would put a lot of stress on the drivetrain components and also make the vehicle operate only on zero throttle or full throttle with no variable speed regulation in between.

I heard I can mimic a hall sensor by wiring 3batyeries is this true

Never heard of that and no, I don't think so. Buy the right thing and be safe and happy.

We completely agree with Jeff. Instead of trying to find something to replace a hall effect throttle go ahead and purchase a new hall effect throttle so the vehicle will have variable speed and be safe and fun to operate. 

If you are just trying to see if the controller works though then for testing purposes you can touch the controller's throttle connector +5V throttle output wire to the throttle connector signal wire to see if the controller works. Doing this will create a full throttle signal to the controller while the wires are being touched together. Make sure you are 100% certain what the functions of the throttle connector wires are before doing this though because a miswiring of the throttle connector wires could result in a burned out controller without any warning. You will also need to prop the motor driven wheel of the vehicle off the ground so it does not take off on you when performing the test. 

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