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Urban X 350 by toymonster control unit dead


Bought one of these from OfferUP "Urban X 350 by toymonster" thinking the batteries are toast (which they are), tested and the control module is bad. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a part number or an aftermarket control unit for this so the connectors would at least match?



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The original controller for the Urban X 350 electric quad ATV is no longer available so an aftermarket controller is needed to replace it. 

We carry a reverse delete aftermarket controller with wiring adapters that make it plug-and-play with The Urban X 350 ATV. We deleted the reverse function because switching into reverse when the ATV is not at a complete stop is the cause of most Urban X 350 ATV controller failures. 

Here is the link: Urban X 350 Electric ATV Model ECB-08 Reverse Delete Aftermarket Controller

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