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I have a bottle battery for my ebike that I need to change a part of.

I do not know what it is called in english but I will

paste a link to it in my language from a store at least:

This will require me to open the battery and do some soldering,

so I would be thankful if I could have some instructions on how to avoid shock and so on,and any safety procedure that needs to be taken.

thank you

The part that is shown in the link you provided is what we call a coaxial charger port. There are wires soldered onto it so soldering would be required to replace it.

If the battery pack is 48 Volts or less than there is not much of a risk of shock. You might notice a very small tingle with 48 Volts DC but not what I would consider to be a shock.

Short circuiting the charger port wires would cause a large spark and possible damage to the wires, burns, etc., so I would make it a priority to avoid a short circuit. This could be done by being very careful which is what most experienced technicians would probably do. However if you do not have very much experience at soldering then I recommend to disconnect the charger wire from the battery before replacing the charger port, or otherwise de-energize the circuit so the wires are not live when working on them.

If you are unsure how to do de-energize the wires then if you could insert or attach some photos of the circuit inside of the battery pack then we would be glad to have a look and make recommendations.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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