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UrbanX 350 wiring diagram?

And idea how to go about finding a schematic for the Urban X 350 quad?

I checked and Urban X does not provide a wiring schematic diagram for their 350 ATV.


On these type of vehicles there is usually a very basic wiring harness between the battery pack and controller which might pass through a circuit breaker or fuse, and possible but less likely pass through a power switch. And then every other part such as the throttle, charger port, and motor plugs directly into the controller. So there is not much to the wiring in regards to complexity.

If the wiring has been taken apart or parts are missing and you are trying to figure out how to get it back together, then if you would like to insert or attach photo(s) of the wiring we would be glad to take a look and recommend how to reassemble if we can make sense of it.


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