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Low batteries

I have a Veloteq Commuter e-bike that was purchased used 3 summers ago. The only issue has been with the batteries. When purchased I was told new batteries had been installed. The bike was only ridden for 3 months and then properly stored for the winter but in the spring, it wouldn't hold the charge as long so I returned to the shop and he replaced 2 of the 4. I had planned this spring to buy a new set as the bike still has the same issue, range and charge. Long story short, drove to the shop and after he checked to see what type of batteries, there was absolutely no power at all. He says that the batteries all died at that moment and there was amperage but no voltage so no power. The batteries he plans on installing are in a bike already but he says they are "new" even though that bike has been there since the fall. Don't want to get ripped off so any advice would be appreciated.

If you are paying full retail price for brand new batteries then you should be getting brand new fresh stock batteries that have not been previously installed in a bike, and have not been stored for an extended period of time.

If the batteries are for warranty replacement, or they are being sold at a discount price, then batteries taken from a new scooter should be a fair and honest trade.

Yes, he is charging full price for the batteries with a 6 month warranty.

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