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Crazy Cart help

Push the pedal and hear a click the wheel jumps and that's it . Ordered a new controller after checking the batteries and switchs and motor replaced with new controller but still having same problems, I check the throttle using your methods and it check out , please help
I can see in the video that the battery pack is dropping under 22 Volts when the throttle is pressed. I saw it drop as low as 1.5 Volts at one point in the video. When the battery pack Voltage drops under 22 Volts under load that indicates that the battery pack is either old, worn out, or faulty and needs to be replaced.

Since the Voltage is dropping down to 1.5 Volts when the battery pack is under load the battery pack is in very poor condition and unquestionably needs to be replaced.

A new battery pack will only drop around 1/2 Volt under load, and a good used battery pack will only drop around 1-2 Volts under load.

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