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Currie Innova branded tires Versus Qing Da Brand?

I recently purchased a " Currie Schwinn 12.5 X 3.0 Tire from EBAY seller.  The original tires on my Currie E Zip 1000 scooter carry the Currie Brand and Logo on the sidewall.    Today-   The tire arrived and I was disappointed to discover that I had received a " knock-off" brand tire from Qing Da.   I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding the switcheroo of advertised tire brands and how they get away with it.   Now,  I have the choice of biting the bullet and installing the tire and hope that it functions,  or sending it back and asking for a full refund minus the shipping and return shipping as well.   Not a very appeasing alternative.    Has anyone else run into this " bait and switch"  caper?  

I am sorry to hear about your disappointing purchase.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Currie tire will not have the Currie brand and logo on the sidewall however it will be made by Innova and be the same model and have the same tread pattern as the original Currie branded tire.

An Original Currie tire should have the Currie brand and logo on it. However Currie stopped selling electric scooters and related parts last year so there are not too many of the Original Currie tires left.

If the seller advertised it as an Original tire, OEM tire, or an Innova tire, then you should receive an Innova brand tire with the same tread pattern as the original tire.

If the seller advertised it as a '12.5 X 3.0 tire for Currie/Schwinn', without mentioning the words Original, OEM, or Innova then they could legitimately be selling any brand of tire. However I noticed one seller advertising their 12.5 X 3.0 tires as 'OEM Style' which is a little tricky to understand but to me indicates that it is not an OEM brand tire but does have the same style of treads as the OEM tire.

Regardless of how the tire was advertised though, Qing Da is a very good tire manufacturer and we rate them on the same quality level as Innova.

In general I have noticed that Qing Da tires often have more rubber and are a little heavier than Innova tires, and also have a harder rubber compound than Innova. This makes Qing Da tires more puncture resistant and longer lasting then Innova tires with the trade off that they provide less traction.

We have only purchased Innova brand 12.5 X 3.0 tires before because they are Currie's OEM tire, so I have not had a chance to compare a Qing Da 12.5 X 3.0 tire to an Innova 12.5 X 3.0 tire. So my comparison of these two brands is in general and might not be accurate towards the 12.5 X 3.0 sizes of tires.

I did receive a reply from the seller and they also confirmed that their ad did not state the words INNOVA in their description although they did use the terms:  OEM, Currie and Schwinn.   They did offer a 100 % refund and free shipping for the initial shipment and the return shipping which i find difficult to comprehend since the shipping was equivalent to the  cost of the tire.  Besides,  by the time they responded to my complaint I had already mounted the tire to my wheel assembly and I was reasonably certain that I would encounter a similar experience unless I specifically requested INNOVA tire. 

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