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I bought my scooter about 7-8 months ago and right now its having this issue. It started while riding normally(throttle on), the scooter will beep and cut power to the motor causing me to slow down and eventually stop while constantly beeping. After a good 2-3mins of waiting, it goes away and I'm able to ride it properly again.

As of now, whenever I power on the scooter, the beeping starts and does not go away and as a result of this, I am unable to ride my scooter at all as all it does is beep.

Has anyone experienced something like this before? Please help thanks!

We do not have any experience yet with the Fitrider T1 electric scooter so we can not offer any advice on it at this point in time.

From looking at the manufacturer's description and photos of it I notice that it is very high-tech electric scooter. This makes diagnosing it difficult unless you are familiar with it.

Until we know more about this brand of scooter I recommend obtaining technical support from the scooter's retail distributor or manufacturer since it is such a high-tech model.

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