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Rear Wheel Replacement for Genesis Intrepid

I purchased a Genesis Intrepid commuter scooter in September of last year, and since then I've put more than 680 miles on it and run the rear tire that goes around the motor completely bald of tread.  I contacted Genesis support asking for the tire size and where I can get a replacement.  The tire size is 200x50, but they said, "Unfortunately, the rear tire is not replaceable."  How could that be possible?   I've seen instructions somewhere (I can't find them at the moment) for replacing a rubber tire on a motorized hub, and as I recall it was really just cutting off the old tire and standing on the hub over the new tire and allowing your weight to slip it over the hub.  Would there be more to it than that?

The rear tire is a 200x50, but the diameter of the inner hole is about 5 and a half inches to accommodate the motor, and I haven't been able to find any wheel for sale anywhere to fit that.  Nearly all that I've found only have a maximum 4.5" interior diameter.  Is there somewhere else that may have this tire?  The manufacturer appears to be Rising Sun, if that helps.

Based on what I've read here so far, I'm guessing there are other scooter tires for motors that size.  So I assume there are solutions for this, but I'm not sure what they would be.  Can anyone suggest where I could find a tire to fit this motor, and then how I might install it if different than the solution I described above?

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