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Scooter Battery Voltage

We have a Liteway Golden Technologies scooter.  When I turn the key, no lights come on and nothing happens at all.  I checked the fuses at the battery and they are both good.  I checked the voltage of the battery and they are only measuring 1.25 each.  When I plug in the charger the light on the charger goes green right away.

Is the voltage on the battery so low that I will not even get a light on the dash?  The battery meter does not move at all.  I would think with 2.5 volts that the battery meter would at least budge upon turning the key to the on position.

Could the item in the attached image be the culprit?  I don't know if it's another type of fuse or a diode or what it's purpose is.

(28.2 KB)

1.25 Volt per battery is an extremely low Voltage reading for a 12 Volt battery. With the combined Voltage of 2.5 Volts I would not expect for the meter to move or for any lights to glow.

In order for the batteries to get to this low of a Voltage level I imagine that the scooter must have been sitting in storage for a long time. Once the batteries are at this low of a Voltage the battery charger will not recharge them and they will need to be replaced.

The diode in the charger port wire is there to prevent damaging a battery charger if one with a plug that is wired in reverse polarity to the charger port is connected to the scooter. The chances of that diode being faulty is very low however if it was faulty then that would prevent the batteries from being recharged.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Is it normal for the green light to be on the charger when the batteries are so low?
Electric scooter battery chargers have a safety feature and will not go into charge mode if they detect an abnormally low battery Voltage level. It is normal battery charger's light to remain green and the red light not to turn on if the battery pack has a very low Voltage level.

This safety feature protects the battery charger from being overloaded and burning out, and also protects the scooter from its batteries overheating and melting/swelling which can damage adjacent plastic parts on the scooter and in some cases the swelling can wedge the batteries between metal frame tubes making them very difficult or impossible to remove.

sounds like something im trying to charge right now when i plug in the charger its light is green not red  so i tested both  there both getting power i even took the new fuse and replaced it i no this when the charger is on turn the key all the lights and horn works but the engine wont after a few hours of trying to charge it unplg everything and turn the key power automatic drops dwn from green to nothing on console im at a loss here 

even if its  the batterys  iwouldnt even no weere too buy new ones i traded for this  scooter for a item in 2001 my aunt was the 1st owner

its a bmx electric scooter 346-c4

We sell batteries for both of these electric scooters on our batteries page at this link:

If you need help with selecting the right size batteries then please let us know.

thx 4 the reply

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