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 Hello,not sure if i am in the right place.But can anyone give me some information on this scooter please.What model is it for a start.Thank you.  Mick.




That electric scooter is made in China and sold under the make and model names of whichever distributor purchased and resold it. They are also individually sold directly over the internet from distributors in China.

One distributor we found for them is Zipper Scooters and the model is 1000W Zipper Off Road.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Since i posted the question,i have discoverd a a graphic with the word Rhino on it.The motor,i am told is 36v.

 A 12stone rider saw 32kph on the speedo today.I rode it at25kph,and think its nothing short of dangerous.The steering geometry is all wrong,it has no angle of rake at all,and is really difficult to control.I am going to get 2 of the lower forkleg braces extended,to give it some degree of rake.That will bring the handlebars back a bit too,as they are too far away at the moment.The side stand has broken off,is there somewhere i can get another one ? How far would this thing travel on a full charge ?  Thanks for all,and any replies.  Mick.


It has been ridden less than 1 mile since new,and still has the protective wrapper on the lights,and a few other parts.What would it have cost new,and what would it be worth now, in the UK ?


I am not sure where to get a side stand for it. The travel time on a full charge is claimed to me 30 KM by Zipper scooters. £439.99 is the price they are selling them for in the UK.

I am not sure what the resale value of it is in the UK other than it being what someone is willing to pay for it at the time and place that it is sold. Since it is practically new and only needs a new side stand I would ask around 75% of its new price and see if that draws any interest in it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks for that mate.


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