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Please Help me to wire throttle with a controller

Hello I just bought online a set (twist throttle with a speed controller) i have problem to wire it up properly. The throttle has 6 wires coming out of it. Its cheap 24v 250w set
(1.35 MB)

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The connection is very simple. Can u upload photo of your controller with all the plugs and throttle with all the wires? I will tell u how to connect it all. I got my running today

Hi Mohammedali, the throttle's key switch can not be used to switch the power on and off between the battery pack and controller as shown in your drawings because it has a low Amp rating and can only be used with controllers that have a key switch or power lock connector. If your controller does not have a key switch or power lock connector then the throttle's key switch will need to be used in conjunction with a power relay to turn the power on and off to the controller.

If you could upload photos of the controller and throttle as Pawel recommended that would be very helpful.

many thanks again ,i have ordered a controller with keylock funtion

hi will ignition switch on controller work same as keylock function

yes 041.JPG
(4.51 MB)
yes 040.JPG
(1.77 MB)
yes 039.JPG
(2.66 MB)
Yes the ignition switch connector on the controller is the same as a key lock function connector. The ignition switch connector is the correct connector to wire the key switch to.

thank you esp youre the best.a truly fantastic web site with expert advice

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