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Wiring a THR-74 Throttle to an EVO 1000 Electric Scooter

I recently ordered a half throttle (THR-74) from you all; thank you for the delivery.

The problem is that the new throttle has only 6wires and the old one has 7.

A wiring diagram that looks similar to my old throttle shows the following:

THROTTLE - whi / blu / red wires

SPORT - yel / bro wires      (not sure what SPORT is)

INDICATOR - grn / gry 

The new throttle has the following:

red -  +5volts input for throttle

black - ground

white - speed control signal  (1-4 volts output)

green - +36 volts input for batter meter

yellow - on/off switch

brown - on/off switch

Both throttles have the  number 29DX on the side so I'm sure its same part.

However the wiring (and color) are not the same.

I attached the wiring diagram that I found for similar scooter.

What do you suggest??

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Here is a wiring diagram that shows how to wire a THR-74 throttle to the controller in the 36 Volt 1000 Watt EVO wiring diagram that you attached.


On the six wire throttles the single black ground wire is shared by the throttle and indicator lights instead of them each having their own ground wire, because having two ground wires is not necessary.

The sport switch is a power level switch which allows the controller to run at full power (sport) when it is on, and at reduced power when it is off.

We sell a plug-and-play throttles with pre-wired connectors for the EVO electric scooters on this page:


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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