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evo 1000

battery cks out good.  replaced controller  throttle control and bypassed  key switch  Still will not run/  Put direct voltage to motor and it runs. Checked all wiring  with tester for breaks --none found.  disconnect brake switch still nothing.  Second controller i have put in to repair this.  Now when put power to swicth relay clicks power meter reads full for a second or two then goes off  Any suggestions welcome

The results of your test indicate that the battery pack is dropping too much Voltage under load. The power meter lights on the throttle are a basic Voltmeter which read the Voltage of the battery pack. When these lights go off the battery pack Voltage is under 32 Volts.

The controller for the EVO 1000 electric scooter has a low Voltage protection level of around 31 Volts. When the battery pack Voltage drops to 31 Volts or less then the controller will not supply power to the motor. This under Voltage protection circuit is built into the controller to prevent damage to the battery pack by not allowing it to be undercharged. Without this protection circuit the battery pack could be undercharged and would probably not last very long.

An old or worn out battery pack will bounce back to full Voltage level after being recharged or not being used for a little while, however when a load is applied to it then its Voltage will significantly drop.

DC motors will run on just about any Voltage level so connecting the motor directly to the battery pack is a good way to test the motor, however it does not test the battery pack for how much its Voltage level is dropping under load.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you Finaally got new battery in and a controller. Plugged all components back in correctly Double checked evrything. Battery Pack came prewired so just plugged it in. Wires matched Black to blk red to red.  Turned switch on showed full power  but when I turn Throttle the motor runs backwards   Please help I need this ASAP for disabled person  Thank you



This is a very easy to fix. All you need to do is reverse the positions of the wires between the motor and controller.

To do this unplug the motor from the controller. Then take a very small screwdriver and one at a time push the locking tab of the terminal pin flat with the pin and gently pull the pins out of the white plastic connector. Then restore the original positions of the terminal locking tabs using the same screwdriver and push the terminal pins back into the plastic connector in the opposite positions that they were in when they were pulled out. I recommend marking the position of either the red or black wire with a permanent marker or tape so their original positions are not forgotten after the terminals are removed from the connector.

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