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12 volt battery 24 volt controller

Someone was throwing away a Daisy Pocket Mod and I decided to tinker with it. 12v battery was DoA so I replaced it. Motor works fine. On/off switch lights up, won't start. So I went ahead and replaced the controller with a similar model (no one sells OEM one anymore). Also replaced the throttle. No go. Is a 12v battery compatible with a 24v controller?  

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The scooter's 24 Volt controller needs to see at least 23 Volts to run the motor. The scooter will not operate on a single 12 Volt battery. The controller has a low-Voltage shutoff feature which prevents over discharging the 24 Volt battery pack. The scooter will need to have a 24 Volt battery pack in order to run.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Wow! Thanks for the quick response. 

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