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Raylight spectra HD (Chinese)

I have had my scooter modified from it's original 48v to 60v for 3 years. It is running 5x12v 20ah. The motor is 500w brushless hub motor. Recently it stopped working, and I have in the process of elimination found it is the speed controller. Inspecting it when I removed the seat I found traces of a lot of black soot like debris all around the control unit. It also had that nasty burnt electrical smell. My question is when I pick a speed controller to replace this one should I be looking for an exact match to the old one, 48v 500w (possibly it's 350w? Not sure but a lot of the 48v controllers are) or should I upgrade to a variable voltage controller in the 48v-72v range with a higher wattage rating of 1000w-1500w? Can I get a controller to be compatible if the wattage is higher than my motor (500w)? My scooter has all systems (head lights, breaks, signals, alarm and I believe EBS) so said controller needs all the different system options. I have found a controller that is 60v and senses the motor wattage, figure it might work? The old controller handled the overload of 60v for three years so it might have been it's time to go or it was 3 years of stressing it that it burnt, so should I upgrade to 60v controller and is this safe for the motor? Thanks for your help.
Since you have an over-Volted battery pack which is now 60 Volts then a 60 Volt controller would be a better choice than a 48 Volt controller because even though the old 48 Volt controller lasted a long time running on 60 Volts a different controller might not do so well when over-Volted to 60 Volts.

When a controller is over-Volted its maximum current output may or may not remain the same as when it is used at its rated Voltage so I am not sure what Wattage of controller to recommend. It is usually best to match the controller Watts rating with the motor. If a controller with a higher Watt rating than the motor is installed then the motor will run hotter than it would if the controller and motors Watt ratings were the same. Running a 1000-1500 Watt controller with a 500 Watt motor could possibly overheat and burn out the motor depending on the riding conditions.

If the headlight wiring goes through the controller then that is a function that most other brushless controllers do not have so it may need to be rewired to bypass the controller.

I do not have any experience with brushless motor controllers that sense the motor's Watt rating and adjust themselves to output the same amount of current. In fact this is the first time that I have heard of such a controller.

Upgrading to a 60 Volt controller will not change anything as long as its maximum current output is the same as the original controller's maximum current output when it was over-Volted to 60 Volts.
This is the link to a 60v 500w controller, The one I was saying has a automatically identify power wattage. Says it is 24v-64v rated power 500w-1000w. Which of these do you think might work?
The 60V 500W controller in the first link will be compatible with your 60V battery pack. The description of the controller in the second link reads that it is for 36 or 48 Volt battery packs and does not mention that it is for 60 Volt battery packs so it may not work with a 60 Volt battery pack.


Yes that's the one I was thinking would work for sure, thanks for your help and all the advice. I read in the details that the other one is rated to handle 24v-64v and it self adjusts to your voltage I'm understanding. There is another listed beside that one 72v 500w-1000w but it to has a variable rating of 36v-72v and it also automatically identifies.
If it works with 36V-72V battery packs then it will work with a 60V battery pack because it is in between those two Voltages.
Here's what I read under
(133 KB)
Ok that helps thanks I also will have the room to upgrade to it's handling maximums. Maybe a new 1000w hub for my bike if it's priced right. Thanks again for all your input I'll keep you up to date with the switch over I'm sure I'll have many more queries...

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