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Electrifying an Adult Trike

Hello Electric Scooter Parts. I have a trike that needs "electrification"!  It is a Columbia Easy Rider with 24 inch wheels, 3speed gearchanger  and a nice basket in the rear to hold the batteries. I have attached photos. Could your tech support provide me with any suggestions regarding which parts or kit I should order? I am a pretty good mechanic-technician and licenced Electrician. I have 2 large 12 Volt batteries so I was thinking of the KIT-125. Some of the questions I have are: Where to mount  the motor? Will I need a freewheeling sprocket? What type of installations have you seen on this type of vehicle? Any recommendations or experiences you can relate would be helpful, Thanks, Jim 626-926-0516

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The Axles are 3/4 inch. Top speed desired is 15 mph. - Jim

Hi Jim, I ran some gear ratio calculations for your electric tricycle project and found that a gear motor is needed otherwise without a gear motor then a gigantic 130 tooth rear axle sprocket would be required.

We have 24 Volt gear motors available in 250, 350, and 450 Watt models. Since the tricycle with a battery pack and motor will be fairly heavy I recommend using the 450 Watt motor. Here is the gear ratio calculation.


We have 9,11, 12, and 13 tooth sprockets available for the motor so the top speed could be reduced or increased by switching over to a different size motor sprocket than is used in the calculation above. The 12 tooth motor sprocket is a freewheel type however there is nothing wrong with having a freewheel on the motor and also on the axle.

We also have larger than 24 tooth axle sprockets available however when I tried them in the gear ratio calculation the top speed began to get very slow.

It would be optimal to have a freewheel in the drivetrain so the tricycle could be pedaled and coasted without interference (drag) from the motor. Having a freewheel in the drivetrain will increase the range of the trike because it can be allowed to coast with the motor off whenever possible. 

The motor should be mounted so its shaft rotates in the clockwise direction to propel the trike forward. We have a mounting bracket make especially for the 450 Watt gear motor that will mount between the 3-speed hub's axle nut and the frame of the trike which looks like it may be perfect for your project. Here is a photo of it and the 450 Watt gear motor.


We have a 3/4" ID freewheel adapter with 3/16" keyway and two set screws to attach the freewheel to the axle with and the 24 tooth sprocket will bolt onto the freewheel.

We could put together a kit out of these parts if they look like the right parts to you?

Please let us know if you have any questions.

That looks good! Please put a kit together with the gear motor, freewheel, 24t sprocket, chain, 3/4 adapter, motor bracket, controller, throttle w/ key, wiring like the KIT125, 1.6A Razor charger and anything else I might need.

 I will pay w/ Visa card as soon as you can put it together. Thanks, Jim 

I have completed making the kit. It is our item # KIT-24450G-100. Here is the link to it: 

Please have a look at all of the parts in the kit and if there is anything that you would like to be changed or added to the kit then please let us know.

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