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intermittent drive back wheel

hi please can someone help!!! I have recently brought a second hand e-rider model 15 electric moped which was working fine, until my husband had to fit a back break as it came without one on, and yep still worked as it should but slow compared to my sakura electric moped, so he decided to try the back wheel off my sakura bike and try it on the new e-rider bike, that didn't work, so he put the e-rider wheel back back on it and now we've only got intermittent drive it hardly want to move, as the bike is only about 8 months old I've been in contact with e-rider but they are not helpful,

                                                    kind regards tracey 

An intermittent problem like you described is often caused by a loose or bad electrical connection or wires that are broken or have worn off or damaged insulation.

On an electric moped that has a brushless hub motor like the E-Rider model 15 does intermittent and slow motor operation is often caused by a problem with the hub motor's five thin sensor wires or their connector.

We recommend to unplug the motor's sensor connector from the controller and check to see if all of the pins in the connector are pointing straight and none of them are bent over. If the connector and its pins look good then the next step is to carefully inspect the five sensor wires between the motor and connector paying special attention to the area of these wires where they exit the axle because that is where they usually get damaged when a wheel is removed and reinstalled.

Following these steps usually helps to solve the problem. Please let us know how it goes and we will take it from there.

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