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bike loses power in 10 minutes

the batteries are 6 months old and started running down very easy like 10 min.

I put new batteries on and they are doing the same thing. I checked charger and it is ok.any info will help 

It sounds like the batteries may not be receiving power from the charger. I would test to see if there is Voltage at the charger port to make sure that it is good and that it has a good connection to the battery pack. The charger port should have the exact same Voltage at it as the battery pack has.

If the charger port has pins then be careful not to short circuit the pins with the multimeter probes. Wrapping all but the very end of the probes with electrical tape will help to prevent a short circuit.

If the charger port has ports (holes) then the probes can be stuck in them without worrying about creating a short circuit.


Please let us know how it goes. If the charger port tests good then we will take it from there.

I have checked charger and the port on bike and they check 27 - 28 volts should be ok. I am thinking maybe the controller and throttle control. still in decided, the call to said change the motor out but I need more input. thanks randy.   still looking for anything.

Does the bike gradually slow down before it stops running? Or does it keep running at normal speed and then stops running all of a sudden?

it slows down after maybe 10 min. it use to run like 30 min.

If the bike slows down before it stops running then that is usually caused by an old, worn out, or faulty battery pack. However it could also be caused by a dragging brake or some other mechanical problem that is creating excessive rolling resistance and causing the battery pack to loose its charge faster than normal.

Since the batteries are new they are probably not causing the problem however a small percent of new batteries have factory defects so they should not be completely ruled out as being the problem either.

I would lift the rear wheel off of the ground and spin it by hand to see if it spins easily or if there is a lot of resistance to spinning it. If it does not spin easily then that might be the problem.

Please let us know how it goes.

I checked the spin on the rear wheel and it turns real good. thanks, let's keep thinking.

It is most likely to be the batteries then. The standard 2 to 5 second load test is good to see if the batteries are good or bad however it does not test very well for the range that they will provide. The next test I would perform is to ride the scooter until it stops running and then test the Voltage at the charger port or battery pack with the power switch on and throttle fully engaged.

If during this test the battery pack or charger port Voltage is under 23 Volts then the battery pack is dropping too many Volts which is causing the controller to turn off power to the motor. The controller has a low Voltage cutoff feature that turns off the motor when the Voltage drops under 23 Volts.

If the Voltage is over 23 Volts during this test then that points towards another part other than the battery pack which is causing the problem.

Please let us know how it goes.

I am waiting on grandson to be here to run down batteries to continue trying to fix bike but remember these are new batteries and they are doing the same as the old acts like it has been charged up for 10 hours and when rode for first time it runs like it has already been run for 20 min. thanks  randy

I am just now getting back on the problem I tried to check what was suggested in the last email I thought it checked good and it has new batteries I ordered a new controller and throttle cable it seems to run a little better but still has a quicker run down than it had when it was new. this bike is just 6 months old and to have this trouble when the bike has been at my house the whole time and has been taken very good care of and still no closer to being right makes me want  to avoid this brand in the future so if no one has any ideas what to do I will probably put a new motor on it just to see for myself if this is it then I will sell it for junk and go to other brands it now runs good for 5 minutes then slows down.  A VERY UNHAPPY FORMER CUSTOMER 

I was wondering if I was going to get any response to my last reply. randy

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