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Citycoco lost motor ability..


I am new to EVs and I have a 1000w Citycoco/Scrooser style scooter.

It had a flat caused by a long wood screw and I rode it pretty far on the leak. Then it lost power when I charged it up that afternoon. Days later I patched the tire and filled up the pressure which caused it to start right up. Then, within a few minutes it stopped again. It seemed to make a kind of bonk when the rear tire reached a certain point in rotation and got worse until it won't move at all now for weeks.

I would love it if someone could please tell me what part I should be inspecting or ordering. I have a friend of a friend coming tomorrow to inspect it, so I thought it would be cool to do one last round of testing tonight. I went and got a PSI tester and balanced the pressure just now. The rear one was higher, but nothing changed with the motor.

Also, I replaced the throttle during this. I don't know what kind of effect it could have, but it's wires are thinner and now longer than the old throttle.

I am having so much fun with the Citycoco - I highly recommend it! Hope someone will give me some ideas. I have a multimeter now, but am also a newb at using that..  h e l p ..!  ;)

If the rear wheel makes a bonk sound when it is spinning which is originating from inside of the wheel that points towards a failure of the hub motor.

Can you spin the rear wheel by pushing the scooter forward or is the rear wheel completely seized and will not spin?

Ah. Thanks for the vote for the motor. I could replace it for $100, but I have already spent a bit of time and $$ trying other stuff unsuccessfully.

The tire spins fine or I would have been on to the problem.

I have decided to replace the motor/tire. Does anyone know a link to order it?

60V 1000W

Replacing the motor didn't fix it.  :(

That's a bummer. Did at least the motor clicking go away though with the new motor installed?

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