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Zappy 3 Pro distance

Only able to go a short distance less then half mile.

Have new batteries and have been load tested.

any suggestions on what the problem could be

Does the speed of the scooter slow down before it stops running? Or does the speed remain the same and then the scooter stops running all of a sudden?

It slows down

The 4 Lights go off and the battery light comes on

as soon as the throtle gos back to stop the 4 lights come back on

only able to move at slow speed/walk next with throtel on

It only takes less then 2 hours to recharge battery

The battery level indicator lights on the throttle or instrument panel are a basic Voltmeter and if they go off when the throttle is engaged that indicates that the battery pack is dropping too much Voltage under load. Everything that you described points towards the battery pack being faulty.

A small percent of new batteries have factory defects and sometimes load tests results are not correct due to human error so even though the batteries are new and they have been load tested the scooter's built in Voltmeter is telling a different story.

Battery level indicator lights are reliable and not prone to giving inaccurate readings so you could trust them, or you could verify their reading by checking the Voltage of the battery pack when the throttle is engaged to see if its reading matches the indicator lights.

The Zappy 3 Pro scooter's 36 Volt battery pack should have around 39 to 41 Volts when fully charged and the power switch is off, and when the power switch is on and the throttle is fully engaged the Voltage should only drop around 1/2 to 1 Volt for a new battery pack, and to not less than 36 Volts for a good used battery pack.

Please let us know how it goes.

When i do this test do I ride or just have the wheel off the ground

The battery pack is 3 SLA 15 ah   SLA1104 

Did load test while moving power dropped off 40.7v to 36.1

Used multimeter on each battery under load

#1   7.5

#2   10.9

#3   11.6

Going to take #1 battery back to Where I got it and get a replacement

Will let you know the out come

The load test should be performed with the wheel on the ground and the scooter being held still.

All three of those batteries have poor load test results so maybe they are from an old or faulty batch of batteries. I would expect for new batteries to be at around 13.5 Volts with no load and 12 Volts or higher under load.

Please let us know how it goes.

So I go to the INTERSTATE battery store and they say the motor is pulling too much power.?

When I ran the load test with one battery at a time hooked to a meter the one that dropped to about 7.5 volts.  They are saying that I need Deep Cycle batteries.What jerks!!!

Just going to order some on line.

I showed them this video and they  a a a a no answer

Don't know what else to test or do.


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