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My motor turns hard by hand is it bad?

My Currie brush type 400Watt/24 volt motor turns really hard by hand. Is this normal? I was doing some maintenance on the scooter and noticed the problem. The motor also howls pretty loud when running. It is an older scooter with some serious miles on it (2nd set of batteries are worn are getting really smooth. My riding season is going to be over soon and now is the time to replace the motor if it is bad.

Brush type Currie motors usually turn fairly easy by hand unless their power leads are touching each other. A loud howling sound is not normal for brush type Currie motors.

You might want to try unplugging the motor from the controller and see how it spins by hand then just to make sure that controller is not causing it to be hard to spin. As far as the howling sound goes there is not much that can be done about that other than replacing the motor.

OK, it feels like the motor is bad... I have to use pliers to turn it sometimes...not plugged in.Thanks.

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