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Hi I have a Greenbike bike GB500, the other day after raining i pass throught some water spots in the road, the bike was running ok. Today i tried to start the bike, the LCD screen shows an error 21 (i searched, it says electrical problem) and the bike dont run. The battery is working, the brake light and the front light is on (although i didnt turn them on), but the motor is not running. It seems to be an electrical issue, do you anyone have any idea where i can star looking for the problem?? 

Thanks in advance.

Since the headlight and brake light are on without turning them on and the bike will not run this sounds like it could be a microcontroller problem. The first step I would take is to remove the battery pack from the bike and let the bike sit in a warm or hot and dry area for several days to completely dry out the electronics. Often with these type of problems all it takes is to completely dry out the circuit boards and then it will work normally again. Take your time to let it dry because the dryer the electronics of the bike are the higher the chance of them working again is.

Please let us know how it goes.

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