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Airless tire for GT Tsunami: 12 inner tubes since March

I have gone through 12 inner tubes since March and for reason I cannot figure out, it is getting worse. Even the heavy duty inner tube I bought from you lasted less than a month. And everything is new now: The tire, the wheel...

Is there a airless tire you sell that fits the new wheel I just bought from you last week? 

Just got my 13th flat. It has gotten so bad, the inner tubes won't last two hours. I come home and it is already leaking, flat within an hour. 

Please let me know. 

I am not sure if any of our airless tires will work well on the WHL-700R rear rim. Matching airless tires to rims is hit and miss. To determine if an airless tire work on a rim it needs to be installed on that rim and then road tested. However I do not recommend using an AmeriTyre polyurethane airless tire on a GT or any other Currie scooter because these type of tires are slippery and do not grip the road as well as natural rubber tires do and since Currie scooters already have thin tires they are not good candidates for urethane tires. Also airless tires make the ride very rough because they do not absorb bumps as well as pneumatic tires do so they are kind of a step backwards in technology as far as ride comfort and safety goes. They are best used for bicycle trailers and things that move slowly such as hand carts and baby strollers.

Have you had a chance to inspect the tubes to see what is causing the flats. Are they going flat from hole punctures, pinches, separating valve stems, or???


Now they seem to be holes. Last one, the air was coming out THRU the tire...all outer holes. I tried patching the heavy duty tube, but lasted almost no time. 

The tire might be picking up thorns or something else that is going through the tire and making holes in the tube. I would remove the tire and check for any foreign objects that are penetrating the tire on the inside of it. If you run your finger on the inside of the tire anything poking through it will be noticed. Be careful though because if something sharp is poking through the tire then it could cut your finger so go slowly and gently when inspecting the tire.

If you are in an area with objects on the ground that are going through the tire then there are products that can help with this. Tire liners such as Mr. Tuffy can be installed to block thorns and nails and also tube sealant such as Slime can be installed in the tube to seal small holes.

I used to live in an area that had orange orchards and every time I would ride my bike next to or through an orange orchard it would get a flat from the orange tree thorns so I know how frustrating it can be.

Please let us know how it goes.

I actually did that...twice and found nothing. Today I patched that inner tube and it went ok for 3 or 4 hours and then same thing, Suddenly, going flat and air coming through a hole in tire. But nothing in the tire. Inside or outside.  I was going to ask about using liners, glad to hear. I will try tomorrow. 

On an impulse and before you had answered I bought a Stop-a-Flat insert on Amazon. I have serious doubts it will be even remotely worth it but it is done, so...we'll see when it gets here. 

One question: I bought the TIR-1250 tire from you guys, but I see there is also a TIR-12ST Innova® Street and I am wondering if that is a better tire, ticker or more heavy duty. Seems that way, but I cannot tell. Do you have it in stock and will  it fir on the  WHL-700R ?

TIR-12ST is thinner and lighter duty than TIR-1250 which is why we describe it as a bicycle tire instead of an electric scooter tire.

However TIR-1251 is thicker, heavier, and substantially more heavy duty than TIR-1250 so if you are looking for heavier and tougher tire than TIR-1250 then TIR-1251 would be the one to get.

All of these tires including TIR-1251 will fit on WHL-700R.

Thanks a lot for you help. Your advice worked out perfectly. I got the liners and the flats stopped. I have ridden it hard for over a week and no issues. i will be buying that thicker tire soon, just to make it even better. Thanks. 

You are welcome. Great to hear that the problem has been solved.

Well, unfortunately the nightmare continues. Putting aside the fact the last heavy duty inner tube I put in got popped (this time it looked lilke a pinch)  the actual tire I bought (TIR-1251) got shredded by the motor's shaft. The clearance between the wheel and the motor shaft was too close at one spot, rub against  it but did not become obvious until it was too late....blew up. 

I am three tires and 16 inner tubes into this. Do you have ANY suggestion as to what else I can try? It is not only the money I am spending, but everytime it happens I lose money. This is killing me. 

 Here is a thought: I just realized what may have happened: When the heavy duty inner tube popped (last night) I replaced it with a regular inner tube I had that I had PATCHED. Could the spot the wheel rub against be motor shaft be cause by irregularity due  to the patch? I have not looked at it but that is all I can think of that is different. 

The shape of most tubes is fairly irregular once a few pounds of air is in them so a patch will not make a tube more irregular than it already is. Tires have steel wires and nylon strings embedded inside of them which create the inflated shape of the tire so due to this the tire's shape can not be changed by irregularities of the tube.

If the motor's shaft is rubbing against the tire in one spot then that would typically be caused by a bent rim. I would rotate the rim while closely watching it from behind to see if you can detect a wobble or bend in it.

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