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Will work till going on slight incline

Start on incline and turns off, wait a few moments and press reset and it clicks back on, only to go a few more moments and will turn off again if even a slight incline.
This is a razor 300 FYI
Your description of the problem points towards the reset switch being worn out and needing replacement. Reset switches are a common part to wear out and when they do then they will trip and turn off the scooter when it is operated on an incline. Sometimes they will even wear out to a point where they will trip when the scooter is operated on flat ground.

We sell Razor E300 reset switches on this page:


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank u so much! Part ordered! Also, was wondering if it were possible to upgrade my battery's in any way, and by doing so, would increase speed at all. Thank u very much!
You are welcome and thank you for your purchase. We carry extended range batteries for the Razor E300 scooter which will provide a longer ride time than the original batteries however they will not increase the speed of the scooter. Unfortunately the speed of the scooter can not be increased by upgrading the batteries and would require major modifications such as custom installing a larger motor and controller.

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