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Vibration when cruising.

My Schwinn S-600 sometimes vibrates when cruising at 12 mph. If I back off the throttle the rapid pulsing stops. Replacing the motor, roller clutch, chain, controller, and tire did not help. Coasting is smooth and wheel bearings are good. The red throttle light does not illuminate during these episodes, only when the batteries are getting low. The intermittent vibration does not affect functionality nor top speed of 22 mph, just very annoying. Your thoughts please.

Battery Pack: 36V B&B 12V 10AH (provides 40 minutes and 7-10 miles)
Motor: 24V 750W XYD-6B (increases speed) with 15T free wheel sprocket
Controller: 36V 30A XK-022D with 5-wire throttle


Upgrading to a 1000W 40A Speed Controller (SPD-SD1000) definitely helped. My previous 36V 750W 30A controller (SPD-36750A) was perhaps not enough for my new 24V 750W motor running at 36 volts. I tried every possible remedy to eliminate the vibration when cruising above 11 mph. The list included replacing the tire, tube, chain, 90 tooth sprocket, removing the Slime tube sealant, and balancing the wheels with motorcycle weights. Finally, it was the higher rated controller that stopped the persistent pulsing, plus I gained more torque and better acceleration. However, I still get a little vibration from my alternate battery pack, which is on its last legs. The newer pack provides more current for a smooth speed range of 2 to 22 mph.


Wow I would have never guessed that the controller would be the cause of the vibration. Thank you very much for sharing that with us. The next time this type of problem occurs I will now know what to recommend.

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